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Have You Tried This Delectable Sweet Dalia Recipe

Have You Tried This Delectable Sweet Dalia Recipe

If you are looking for awesome dessert ideas then sweet Dalia recipe would be a good choice. Wouldn’t you care for a recipe that is easy on the tummy while offering a delightful taste? Dalia is that sort of a food which gives you an exotic taste while ensuring that you stay fit. Having digestion problems? – Try Dalia for a quick meal and you will surely feel better in a while. People usually skip meals when they are sick but this is the kind of food which keeps that stomach free from hunger in a smooth way.

Sweet Dalia Recipe (4 servings):

•Dalia or cracked wheat: ¼ cup

•Milk: 1 cup

•Water: 1 cup

•Sugar as per your taste

•Raisins: a few

•Spluttered almonds: a few

•Crushed green cardamom: 1-2

•Chopped walnuts: ½ tbsp.

•Melted ghee or butter: 1 tsp.

Method of preparation:

•Add ghee or butter with Dalia in a sauce pan and use medium flame to roast for a few minutes to let it turn light brown.

•Now, add some water to the roasted Dalia. Cover the pan partly and let the Dalia boil. Covering it partially will keep the forming froth stable.

•Let the Dalia become softer for which just let it cook for 10-12 minutes. Give it time to absorb the water.

•After that, add crushed cardamom, milk, and mix it well. Cook it without the lid.

•Now, add spluttered almonds, chopped walnuts, raisins, sugar to it. Let it simmer for a few more minutes.

•After that, turn the flames off.

•Either serve hot or cover it with lid and leave it like that. This way Dalia will form thick and delicious layer over the top.

Expert Tips:

•This recipe is not fit for diabetic people.

Cooking Tips:

•Water usage will depend upon the type of Dalia used. So, do take care of that.

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