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The Guarana is a plant, whose seeds are used to prepare a drink. The seeds of the Guarana plant are used as medicine to cure various types of diseases. It was mainly used by the tribal people in the Amazon area. They did not use it as medicine rather they were using it as a drink.

Benefits of taking Guarana

  • The Guarana is used for losing weight if you are suffering from obesity
  • It is also used by athletes for extra energy and as an energy supplement
  • It acts as a stimulant and reduces the mental and the physical fatigue in the person’s body.

Natural Sources of Green Coffee
The Guarana flowers are the actual source of the herb that is specially grown in the Brazil. So, there is no other resource of the supplement.

When should it be taken?
People who are suffering from fatigue and low blood pressure should use Guarana in order to get the necessary energy to the body. Diseases like malaria and dysentery are also cured and treated with the help of these Guarana seeds and its extracts. The sexual desires can be enhanced by its consumption and the urine flow can be increased. Other diseases like fever, heart problems, diarrhea, joint pains, headache and heart stress can also be cured and treated by the Guarana.

When should it be avoided?
People who are very lean and have a low body mass index should avoid taking it. If the consumption causes the side effects such as insomnia, nervousness, vomiting, increased blood pressure and pain when urinating, then it should be stopped. Women who are pregnant and are nursing the infants should avoid consuming Guarana.

Quantity to be taken
This is unsafe when taken in more quantity and it may also lead to death of the person taking it. There should be a proper dosage that must be maintained and consumed. The dosage should not increase more than 200mg.

Expert’s tips/Precautions

  • Experts say that Guarana should not be mixed with any other health supplements. If it is done so, then it might be dangerous and would lead to poisoning and death.
  • Drugs which are stimulating should be avoided while consuming Guarana. It is unsafe to consume Guarana in large quantity to see the effects. This may lead to other side effects and that may be fatal
  • The caffeine products should also be avoided while taking Guarana. There is already more quantity of caffeine in the Guarana
  • Consuming cemetidine along with Guarana would lead to other side effects such as headache, fast heart beat, and many others
  • Therefore, it is always better to consult the doctor before consuming the Guarana either in the form of tablets containing it or in the form of capsules

Guarana benefits
The Guarana is a plant, whose seeds are used to prepare a drink. The seeds of the Guarana plant are used as medicine to cure.