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Green coffee

Green coffee

The coffee beans that are not roasted are the green coffee beans. They have a higher level of chlorogenic acid because they are not roasted, and it gets reduced during the process of roasting. There are many health benefits in green coffee because of the high level of the chlorogenic acid. This has become very popular for weight loss.

Benefits of taking Green Coffee

  • The green coffee helps to burn the fats at a faster rate
  • In fact, while consuming it, you do not need any exercise and diet to follow
  • There are many health benefits too like it helps in maintaining high blood pressure and also keep regulating it

Natural Sources of Green Coffee
The green coffee is found one step before getting the actual brown coffee. Therefore, the green coffee also comes from the same resource where the coffee comes from. If the coffee beans are not roasted, then you get the green coffee bean.

When to have it?
The blood pressure is reduced and well maintained because of it. Other diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and type2 diabetes can also be cured and treated with the help of the green coffee. These are very safe for consumption and do not cause any serious side effects to the health and the body. The green coffee extract is unsafe in some conditions.

When should it be avoided?
People who are suffering from the anxiety disorder should not have green coffee in large dosage. Women who are pregnant and the women who breast feeding their infants should also avoid taking much of green coffee. This might burn all the fats and the energy will be lost due to it. People who are suffering from bleeding disorder should also avoid taking green coffee as it may increase the bleeding. People who are suffering from diarrhea should avoid taking green coffee as it may dehydrate the body even more and would make the person feel more lethargic and tired.

Quantity to be taken
For weight loss, the approximate quantity in which the green coffee should be taken is 80-200 mg on regular basis. This should be continued for more than 12 weeks. For maintaining the high blood pressure, the approximate quantity for the usage and the consumption is 93 mg daily and 185 mg. This might differ from each person depending upon the disease for which the person is getting it treated.

Expert’s tips and advice:

  • It is always better to consult and get suggestion from the doctors and the experts before consuming the green coffee
  • Extra and excess usage of this would cause various health disorders, and it may also be very dangerous to health and lives of the patients.