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Ginseng is a plant having fleshy and fork shaped roots, used in making medicines. Ginseng grows mostly in cold climates and it has been used since ages to make medicines in Asia and North America. Ginseng is used in the treatment of depression, stress, improving memory and many others.

Benefits of taking Ginseng

  • Ginseng helps in increasing the memory, concentration, reduce stress, and it is also effective in the treatment of depression
  • Athletes use Ginseng to improve the physical stamina and work efficiency
  • Ginseng has been proved effective in the treatment of lung infection in the body as it helps in activating the immune system
  • It is also found effective in the treatment of cancer, such as breast cancer, skin cancer, and liver cancer
  • Ginseng is helpful in sleeping disorder, bleeding disorder and also helps in giving relief from joint pain or nerve pain
  • Help in treating erectile dysfunction.

Natural sources of Ginseng
Ginseng is present in the form of plant and no other food source is found to have Ginseng present in them. Ginseng is now available in various forms such as powder, tea and pills. Ginseng is sometimes added to the food and energy drinks.

When you should take Ginseng
The consumption of Ginseng as a medicine should be taken after consulting the doctor. People who want to reduce weight can consume it in the form of tea every day in the morning. People undergoing treatment of diabetes can take Ginseng in the form of pills.

When you should avoid Ginseng
Ginseng must be avoided by people undergoing heart treatment as few cases are reported where Ginseng has interacted with the medicines and caused some problems. If the consumption of Ginseng is high, it can result in feeling nausea, fatigue and even headaches. People with any allergic problem must not use Ginseng.

Quantity of Ginseng to be taken
Ginseng quantity must only be decided after discussing with the doctor. The dose varies from people to people depending upon the age, medical conditions. People using Ginseng for the treatment of Diabetes can take around 200 mg per day and for erectile dysfunction cream made of Ginseng can be used per day.

Expert Tips/Precautions:

  • Never use Ginseng when undergoing heart treatment
  • Pregnant ladies should not use Ginseng
  • People who are getting treated for diabetes should regularly monitor the quantity of Ginseng as when taken along with medicines it might reduce the blood sugar level to very low
  • High intake of Ginseng can cause sleep troubles.