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Gelatin is a protein which comes mainly from the joints, tissues and bones of cows, pigs and sometimes from fishes. Gelatin is dried and then grounded and converted into the powder form, which is available in the markets. Gelatin is used in a variety of products such as medicines, cosmetics and food.

Benefits of taking Gelatin

  • Gelatin is a good source of collagen and protein, which helps people with osteoarthritis in getting pain relief
  • Its amino acids help in rebuilding the skin and nails; therefore, enhancing the hair, skin, and nail health, and used mostly in all shampoos and skin masks
  • Gelatin is a very good source of protein and greatly helps in building muscles
  • It helps people to improve digestion as it makes a smooth passage for food to reach the digestive tract after combining with water
  • It gives a boost to the metabolism of the body and also aids in weight loss

Natural Sources of Gelatin
Gelatin is naturally obtained from skin, tissues and bones of pigs and cows. Nowadays, gelatin is easily available in the form of a powder and used in a variety of products and food items such as jelly, bakery products, etc.

When you should take Gelatin?
The consumption and dose of Gelatin must be decided after consulting the doctor. Normally, the body needs gelatin supplement after the age of 30 as the collagen depletion starts, aging process starts, therefore it helps in muscle building and skin tightening.

When you should avoid Gelatin?
Gelatin intake must be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding ladies. High dose of gelatin can lead to stomach troubles such as bloating, constipation. Few people are allergic to Gelatin, therefore the use of gelatin must immediately be discontinued. Gelatin as a supplement must be taken after consulting the doctor, and it also depends on various factors such as age, medical history and other conditions.

Quantity of Gelatin to be taken
There is no prescribed dosage of Gelatin available, still two to three spoons of Gelatin can be consumed per day. As per the studies, 10 grams of Gelatin are safe to consume per day.

Expert Tips/ Precautions:

  • Always dissolve Gelatin in water before consumption, the regular gelatin is only hot water soluble
  • Gelatin, when taken with carbohydrates and fats, is easy to digest
  • Do not take gelatin during pregnancy or breastfeeding
  • Stop taking Gelatin if having problems such as irritation, stomach troubles or other problems
  • Consult the doctor and the healthcare experts about the dose and consumption of Gelatin.