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Enjoy Dalia Khichdi Recipe For Health And Taste

Enjoy Dalia Khichdi Recipe For Health And Taste

When you feel unhealthy, you have limited choices for foods. Most of all, you are not allowed to eat certain foods which would only be hard to digest. What if you get taste and health together even when you are not feeling well? For that only a Dalia khichdi recipe is really tasty and beneficial. Plus, you get to eat even when you are dieting. The fibrous composition of Dalia is really easy to digest so it helps in keeping the metabolism healthy. It acts as a quick meal for hunger and offers remedy for a number of illnesses.

Moong Dal Dalia Recipe (3-4 Servings):


•Dalia: 1 cup

•Ghee:  1 tsp.

•Moong dal: 1 cup

•Tomatoes: 2 to 3

•Ginger: 1 inch long piece

•Green chilli: 1

•Ghee: 1-2 tbsp.

•Jeera (cumin): ½ tsp.

•Heeng (asafoetida): 1 to 2 pinch

•Turmeric powder: ¼ tsp.

•Dhaniya (coriander) powder: 1 tsp.

•Red chilli powder: less than ¼ tsp.

•Salt: add to taste/1 tsp.

•Garam masala: less than ¼ tsp.

•Dhaniya (coriander):2 tbsp. finely chopped

Method of preparation:

•Firstly, wash the dal in water and pour it in a cooker with 2 cups of water. Also add ½ tsp. of salt and boil the dal until one whistle blows.

•Meanwhile, wash and chop the tomatoes. Wash ginger, chilli and chop into small pieces.

•Now, heat ghee in a pan. Also, add jeera and heeng to it. Once the jeera turns light brown put a pinch of dhaniya powder, turmeric powder, chopped spices and tomatoes to it. Mix properly.

•Cover the pan with a lid and let it cook for 2 minutes or until the tomatoes soften.

•Add red chilli powder to it and fry it until the ghee starts separating from them. This will indicate that the spices are ready now.

•Open lid and check to see if the dal is cooked now. Add the spices to the dal and mix properly. Add water to the dal as per your requirement for making it thinner and cook it for a few minutes.

•When it starts boiling, turn off the flames and add dhaniya and garam masala to it.

•Now, pour dalia on a plate after cleaning it.

•Pour ghee in a cooker and heat it. Pour daliya into the cooker stir it until it turns light brown. Fry the dalia on medium flame and turn off gas when it fries.

•Now, add three cups of water to it and mix well after which just close the lid. Now turn the flame to high and let it cook for one whistle. Turn off the gas after that.

•Let the pressure from the cooker escape after which it is safe to open the lid.

•Now that the dalia is prepared you can pour It into a bowl.

•Your Moong dal dalia recipe is ready to be served.

Expert Tips: 

•The dish is suitable for people who want to eat something tasty without ruining their appetite.

•It is well-suited for children as it contains a lot of healthy nutrients.

Cooking tips:

•Clean the cracked wheat and dal properly.

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