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Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet

Deer Velvet Known by different names in different parts of the world, Deer Velvet is a traditional Chinese medical treatment. Other names for Deer Velvet are antler velvet and velvet antler. It is generally derived and processed from immature deer antlers that are covered in velvet-like hair. The antlers at this point of time are made of cartilage and are a rich source of fat, minerals, proteins, and various other chemical compounds too.

Benefits of Taking Deer Velvet

  • Deer velvet is widely used for a number of problems or treatment for many symptoms and medical conditions. Some of these are erectile dysfunction, loss of interest in sex, etc
  • It also helps in curing diseases like Anemia, Arthritis Pain, etc
  • Deer Velvet has been found useful in curing Osteoporosis, liver damage and injuries too
  • It helps in improving performance in sports and day-to-day activities that require stamina
  • It improves immune function to a great extent
  • It is also a good source of energy; it increases energy and helps a lot in keeping away the stress
  • Deer Velvet is found to give better muscle strength and endurance

Natural Sources of Deer Velvet
The natural sources of Deer antler drug are the deer antlers that are immature and haven’t hardened yet. Moreover, it has been found not to be directly used as food in America, but, in Asia and some other parts of the world, they are used in medicinal soups. Deer Velvet supplements are processed a lot before putting them in market as supplements.

When should you take Deer Velvet?
Deer velvet can be thought as a natural solution to a number of health problems related to sexual hormones, Osteoporosis, liver damage, anemia, etc. Therefore, if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, or having some problems related to liver, heart, blood, etc., then Deer Velvet is an advisable drug to cure the disease in time without much side effect.

When should you avoid Deer Velvet?
This supplement should strictly be avoided by pregnant and breastfeeding women as it may even harm the fetus and cause serious health problems. The supplement is rich in hormones, so the patients who have been specifically using the external hormones like estrogen and testosterone must avoid this supplement.

Quantity to be taken:
The dosage depends upon the age of the patient. Therefore, a detailed prescription from a doctor must be taken before starting the use of this drug.
Expert Tips/Precautions:

  • It may sometimes have a bad effect on male hormones, e.g.
  • Pregnant women should strictly avoid this supplement as it may damage the fetus.