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Damiana is a small wild shrub that grows in Mexico, West Indies and Central America. It is used both as an aphrodisiac and for medicinal purposes.

Benefits of taking Damiana

  • Damina leaves are a well-known aphrodisiac and are used in many parts of the world, especially Mexico, for sexual stimulation in both, males and females
  • Apart from that, these leaves are also used to relieve any stress, tension, nervousness arising as a result of sexual problems. In females, it also helps to reduce vaginal dryness and achieving orgasm. In males, it is used to enhance sexual performance and increase satisfaction
  • Damiana is considered to be an excellent solution for digestive problems like constipation and has a laxative effect on the body
  • Intake of Damiana leaves in combination with Guarana and Yerba mate helps to reduce weight in people who are overweight
  • Apart from that, problems like headaches, bed wetting and depression are also treated with Damiana leaves
  • Damiana leaves are also used to improve the body’s fitness as well as boost the mental and physical stamina of the body

Natural sources of Damiana
Damiana comprises of the species of Turnera diffusa and Turnera aphrodisiaca. Both these are shrubs that are found in Mexico, West Indies and Central America.

When should you take Damiana?
Damiana is mainly considered to be a good remedy for sexual problems. People suffering from asthma, constipation, headaches, diabetes, overweight, ulcers can take Damiana after consulting a healthcare professional.

When should you avoid Damiana?
Damiana should be avoided under the following circumstances:

  • If you have a family history of breast cancer
  • If you are on medicines to treat diabetes. Consult your doctor before you add Damiana to your medicines
  • Patients suffering from the any mental disorder like mania or schizophrenia should avoid it
  • If you are pregnant, then you must consult a health care professional before taking Damiana

Quantity to be taken
In adults, the dose varies from 2-4 grams of dried leaves, thrice in a day. Excessive dosage may cause problems. There are no studies to prove its intake safely among children.

Expert tips/ Precautions

  • Excessive intake of Damiana has shown to be dangerous. It van cause problems like rabies and strychnine poisoning.
  • Pregnant and breast feeding mothers are advised to stay clear of Damiana as no research has yielded reliable results about its safety.
  • If you have a planned surgery, then Damiana intake should be stopped two weeks before it.