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Dalia Recipes That Will Offer You A Hunger Relishing Delight

Dalia Recipes That Will Offer You A Hunger Relishing Delight

For a mouth-watering treat, you might look forward to dishes and recipes which have a delectable taste. But, it is hard to find food that will keep one’s health intact as well. Dalia can be one such food offering a variety of flavours and choices without hindering one’s health. Recommended by doctors and fitness experts, Dalia recipes can be cooked with one’s own creativity by adding a number of nutritious fruits and vegetables to increase the health benefits it is known for. And best of all, it keeps one’s metabolism naturally healthy.

Dalia Recipe:


•Dalia (broken wheat): ½ cup

•Onion (small and finely chopped): 1

•Tomato (chopped): 1

•Mixed vegetables (finely chopped): 2 cups

•Oil: 2 tsp.

•Salt as per taste

•Black pepper: ¼ tsp. powder

•Water: 1 glass

•Cumin: ½ tsp. seeds

•Coriander (finely chopped): 1 tbsp.

Methods of preparation:

•Take a pressure cooker and heat two tsp. oil in it.

•Add cumin seeds to it.

•As soon as they start crackling add chopped onions to it.

•When the onions start turning transparent, add tomatoes to it.

•Sauté it for 3-4 minutes and then add all the other vegetables that you have selected.

•Sauté these vegetables for another 5 minutes and add salt to it.

•Now roast the Dalia dry in a separate pan.

•Mix the Roasted Dalia with water and all the vegetables in a pressure cooker.

•Now, add pepper to it and mix it thoroughly.

•Close the lid of the cooker and blow 3-4 whistles.

•Let the steam come out of it and then open the lid of the pressure cooker.

•Use fresh green coriander leaves to garnish it.

•Serve hot.

Expert tips:

•This recipe is really healthy and nutritious or the body.

•One can eat it if not having a healthy appetite for other foods.

Cooking tips:

•You can use a variety of vegetables for the dish. Choose as per your taste and requirements.

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