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Dalia Recipe That Will Make You Love Food Again

Dalia Recipe That Will Make You Love Food Again

A simple food usually tastes simple which is why people avoid them when they look up for delicious recipes. But, there are certain recipes such as Dalia recipes which offer more than just a simple flavour. You can get a number of health benefits from this recipe as well. For instance, people who are suffering from cholesterol problems, diabetes, cancer issues, etc. can all consume these recipes for getting a better appetite and also stay fit. That is why, the following Dalia recipe has been shared with you to help you cherish the exotic taste it is capable of.

Dalia Pulao Recipe (2-3 servings):


•Cracked wheat (Dalia): 1 cup

•Finely chopped vegetables: 1 cup

•Slit green chillies: 2

•Cumin seeds: ½ tsp.

•Oil: 1 tsp.

•Salt as per taste

•Black pepper powder (freshly ground): as per taste

Method of preparation:

•Mix all the vegetables in hot water and then drain the water. Keep it aside.

•Now, take a pan and heat oil in it. Also, add cumin seeds (jeera).

•As soon as the seeds crackle, the green chillies are to be added to it and then sautéing is to be done for a minute.

•Mix it properly after adding vegetables to it and then cook it for 2 minutes.

•Add the cracked wheat to the vegetables and also add 2 cups of water. Mix it properly.

•After that, add pepper and salt to it. Mix it again and cover the lid. Now let it cook until the Dalia softens.

•Serve it hot.

Expert Tip:

•This recipe is great for people who are on dieting as it is really easy to digest.

Cooking tip:

•Cook the Dalia properly on medium flame to let it become soft.