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Chondroitin is a naturally occurring substance found in our connective tissues and animals. It is a very effective treatment procedure for osteoarthritis. It is known for its property to draw water and nutrients from different sources into the cartilage maintaining its sponginess and activity.

Benefits of taking Chondroitin

  • It is a very effective treatment for osteoarthritis, of the knee and joint pains, hip joints, facial joints, etc
  • It has shown effective results in improvement of symptoms and mortality of coronary artery diseases
  • It also benefits people suffering from inflammation of bladder
  • It is also used to treat few eye disorders like dry eyes and cornea inflammation

Natural Sources of Chondroitin
Chondroitin is available from natural sources normally the animals such as like shark or beef cartilage.

When should you take Chondroitin?
Chondroitin must be taken with your doctor’s guidance because it works amazingly for various purposes, but the period and dosage should not be the same for all cases, especially people suffering from the degenerative disease, like osteoarthritis and joint pains. Apart from that people with Kaschin-Beck disease that affects with the flexibility of bones could be treated with this.

When should you avoid Chondroitin?
People having shellfish allergies, prostate cancer or asthma should not take Chondroitin supplements. Even pregnant women and breastfeeding women are not advised to take it. If you are already into medication for other purposes, do talk to your doctor because it interacts with blood thinners, several painkillers as well as garlic, gingko biloba, etc.

Quantity to be taken
You must consult with your doctor before taking any Chondroitin supplement, because still its standard or ideal dosage has not been established properly. Though recent studies have recommended that it can be taken in a dosage of 1,200 mg to 1,800 mg oncea day or either it is also said that you can take supplement with your diet in some doses but increase the number of doses per day.

Expert Tips/Precautions

  • People with skin allergies or stomach disorders should use it cautiously otherwise it may result in the elevation your existing problem
  • Pregnant and lactating mothers should not consume it
  • People with heart disorders are advised not to take it because at times it may result in heart failure, heart attack or increment in heart rhythm or blood pressure
  • People with glaucoma must not use it as it may create pressure in your eyelids