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Chicken Panini

Chicken Panini


  •  ½ sliced low-fat Swiss.
  • 1 sliced reduced-sodium Black Forest deli ham. 
  • 1 sliced reduced-sodium deli chicken breast.
  • 1 whole-wheat rolls sliced and gutted.
  • ¼ cup marinara sauce, (heated).


  1. Heat jokily oiled grill or Panini means to average heat (or use a grill pan). 
  2. Place cheese, beef, and chicken on the roll, Add cheese as you can eat. 
  3. Close double-decker, and grill, flipping and pressing with spatula if essential, until golden chocolate on both sides and cheese is melted, around five notes total. 
  4. Halve snack, and serve with marinara sauce for plummeting.