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Chasteberry comes from a natural source, a fruit that grows on some flowering shrubs near the river banks in the Mediterranean and parts of Asia. It is not used in its natural form; rather it is dried and further processed into different forms such as tablets, liquids, and capsules. It is also widely known as Monk’s pepper. The health supplements have been on a great demand from the last few years due to the significant results that users have experienced.

Benefits of taking Chasteberry

  • It helps in regulating hormonal balance in a natural way
  • It lowers the testosterone level in men
  • It deals with the menstrual disorders
  • It is used in treatment for menopause symptoms, breast tenderness, menopause disorders, etc
  • It helps in curing the mood swings and lower milk problem in lactating women


Natural Sources of Chasteberry
The Chasteberry supplements are derived from the natural dried fruit of the Chasteberry shrubs. It is further processed and synthesized to be used as a supplement in the form of pills or liquid form. Earlier, the use of Chasteberries was done as a fruit and the raw consumption was also there, but now with a growing consciousness and attentiveness towards health, the berries are synthesized to remove side effects and harmful contaminants.

When should you take Chasteberry?
Chasteberry, as most of its benefits suggest, is a natural way to cope up with the hormonal imbalance problem. It is a safe and helpful way to cure the problems like menopause, irregular menstrual cycle, increased level of testosterone, etc.

When should you avoid Chasteberry?
Although, Chasteberry comes with a lot of benefits and is useful to cure a number of diseases, but special care must be taken to the terms of usage, dosage, and the conditions in which Chasteberry must be avoided. One must avoid the Chasteberries if one of the following cases is there:

  • If someone is pregnant
  • Have breast cancer
  • Take birth control pills or suffering from hormonal imbalance
  • Suffer from liver problems


Quantity to be taken
An ancient drug from a very long since, no considerably suggestive dosage has ever been suggested so far for Chasteberry. Therefore, a doctor’s prescription is highly advisable for the usage of Chasteberries.

Expert Tips/Precautions

  • Chasteberry plays a key role in hormone imbalance, which may lead to problems with breastfeeding, during pregnancy, menstruation, and breast cancers
  • Do not combine Chasteberry with other drugs, it may interact and cause serious health problems
  • Take a prescription from the doctor before starting its usage