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Camphor has been one of the most ancient materials used as a drug; it has a specific aromatic odour. It is originally derived from wood and bark of the camphor tree. While in ancient days, the camphor was used in its natural form, but these days, most camphor is synthetic and is processed before it is made available in creams, cakes, or powder. It can be taken or used in the form of pellets or can be directly applied to the skin for skin irritation and cough. It includes FDA-approved treatments.

Benefits of taking Camphor

  • A camphor ointment when rubbed on the chest and throat, it helps with cough. It is being used as vapour rubs at a large scale as over-the-counter treatments
  • It also helps in skin treatment to a large extent from cold sores, bug bites, itching and mild burns
  • If camphor is used in the form of cream, it is suggested to help with osteoarthritis symptoms
  • Camphor does not have any side effects and is a home remedy to a number of problems
  • It helps in preventing from airborne diseases, creating an immune atmosphere

Natural Sources of Camphor
Camphor is not found in foods, it is extremely dangerous if swallowed. However, the natural sources of camphor are camphor trees. It is derived from the bark or wood of the camphor tree and is further processed to give a final product in the form of cake, cream, or powder.

When should you take Camphor?
When you are suffering from skin infections or cough problem, then camphor is highly advisable to be used in form of cream and inhaled at short duration of time. Camphor is an FDA-approved treatment to an innumerable health problems related to inhaling and skin. Therefore, once there is suspicion of any air-borne disease, camphor may prove to be a great defence and keep you away from deadly diseases.

When should you avoid Camphor?
Allergic to the smell of camphor, one must not continue with this home remedy of inhaling camphor. People, who are suffering from asthma, are advised to avoid the usage of camphor. If taken orally, it may cause deadly health problems such as breathing seizures and a high dose may ultimately lead to death.

Quantity to be taken
There is no prescribed dosage for camphor. Doctor’s prescription is a must before starting the use of camphor.

Expert Tips/Precautions

  • Swallowing camphor may prove to be deadly, especially in case of kids
  • Camphor must not be used on broken skin or cuts
  • Women, who are pregnant, must avoid using camphor