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Bromelain, also known as Bromelin, is the type of enzyme. Naturally occurring in pineapple, the enzyme is the natural supplement which is used to ease the pain and swelling. Richly present in the stems and fruit of pineapple, bromelain can provide a variety of health benefits. Right from reducing inflammation to treating the join issues, bromelain can relieve burns and rashes.

Benefits of taking bromelin

  • Bromelain can reduce inflammation in most of the cases
  • It helps in relieving osteoporosis, joint pain and enhances the joint functioning
  • In the cream form, it can help one to get rid of rashes and skin burns
  • Bromelain allows quick recovery from surgery and colitis
  • Bromelain can treat urinary infection and rheumatoid arthritis

When should you take Bromelain?
For those who suffer from inflammation and joint or knee pain can take Bromelain. Anyone who is unable to handle Osteoporosis can take Bromelain for a quick relief. It works at its best when used after the surgery. Any kind of skin redness, rashes, skin burn can be treated with its usage.

When should you avoid Bromelain?
Any instance of stomach upset, diarrhea, nausea, rapid heartbeat, heavy menstrual must make you stop the use of Bromelain immediately. There is the risk of bleeding associated with Bromelain and so the usage must be stopped 2 weeks before the surgery.

Natural sources of Bromelain
Bromelain is directly extracted from the fruit and the root of pineapple.

Quantity to be taken
There is no standard dosage for Bromelain. If you suffer from swelling, the recommended dosage of bromelain is about 80-320mgs. The prescribed dose must be taken 2-3 times daily. For knee pain 200 mgs of Bromelain tablets may be taken. It is better to consult the healthcare professional about the dose.

Expert tips

  • Bromelain must be combined with rutin and trypsin for quick recovery from the joint pain. By doing so, even osteoporosis can be cured
  • When Bromelain is coupled with antibiotics, it can treat the knee pain
  • The compound works superbly well when it is taken without food
  • If you allergic to pineapple, pollens, celery, carrots, rye, latex, you must avoid using Bromelain
  • If you are already using any kind of supplement, you need to talk to the doctor prior to using the supplement
  • Bromelain interacts with blood thinners, antibiotic, aspirin and the antiplatelet drugs
  • Avoid eating soybeans and potatoes while using bromelain
  • Children and pregnant mothers must not use it