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Black Tea

Black Tea

Made from the leaves of the famous bush called Camellia sinensis, black tea is extremely famous and is consumed worldwide owing to the array of health benefits it offers. It is the process of oxidation which is employed to turn the green tea leaves into the dark brown and blackish shade. The leaves are exposed to oxygen rich air and moisture to carry out oxidation. As the tea manufacturer, you may control the oxidation level.

Benefits of taking black tea

  • Consumption of black tea increases the energy level and alertness
  • It comprises caffeine and a little bit of stimulating substance, namely, theophylline to speed up the heart rate and increase alertness
  • The presence of healthy cells in black tea like Polyphenols can prevent the damage of DNA
  • Presence of antioxidant in the black tea like catechins and polyphenols can restrict the occurrence of cancer
  • Women can lower down the risk of developing ovarian cancer by consuming the black tea regularly
  • There are increasing evidences to suggest that antioxidants in black tea can restrict the clogging of arteries preventing artherosclerosis
  • Black tea lowers the risk of heart attack
  • By drinking the black tea regularly, one can lower the risk of major medical conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes and kidney stones
  • Parkinson’s disease can be kept at bay
  • Long term usage of the black tea can protect a person against lung cancer and osteoporosis


Natural sources of black tea
Black tea compound is present naturally in the black tea leaves.

When should you take black tea?
The black tea extract is sold as the supplement. The supplement can include other types of vitamins, herbs and minerals. Drinking the moderate amount of black tea will boost up the metabolism. If you feel a bit lacking in energy, then black tea can be used.

When should you avoid black tea?
If you feel a slight increase in the blood pressure, you must avoid it. Owing to the presence of caffeine and other compounds, black tea supplement can cause wakefulness. For those who encounter sleep disorder must stop taking black tea supplement.

Quantity to be taken
Exact dose of black tea is not established. As per the requirement you may take it.

Expert tips/precautions

  • Drinking black tea for long period of time may cause an increase in the blood pressure
  • Small increase of blood pressure can be advantageous for those who suffer from dizziness
  • It can cause anxiety, faster breathing, nausea, rings in the ear
  • Never combine black tea with ehphedra, the other kind of caffeine
  • Always use black tea in moderate amounts