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Black Cherry

Black Cherry

Also known as wild cherries, the black cherries are the common ingredients in different types of food and drinks. You can find two kinds of black cherry supplements and they are in the form of black cherry juice concentrate and the other one is derived from the tree. Acting as the superb antioxidant, black cherry has the capacity to protect the body cells from damage.

Benefits of taking black cherry

  • Black cherry has antioxidant property that protects body cells from potential damages. Black cherry thus prevents the formation of artery plagues
  • It reduces muscular damage if the juice of black cherry is consumed with other berries
  • Black cherry juice blend is the fantastic way to get rid of insomnia and even valerian
  • The bark of the black cherry is capable of suppressing cough. The bark fabulously works as the astringent which dries up the secretion and mucus
  • Black cherry is used for treating a variety of medical conditions including pains, digestive problems

Natural sources of black cherry
Black cherries are most commonly found in jelly, pies, sodas and other food preparation.

When should you take black cherry?
If you are too much into strenuous workout sessions, it is important to take black cherries. For those who suffer from insomnia can include this within the diet. Being the fantastic remedy for cough and cold, black cherry can be taken to cure it.

When should you avoid black cherry?
Black cherry must be avoided in any case if you use medicines relating to fungal infections, high cholesterol, allergies, cancer and other ailments.

Quantity to be taken
As black cherry is the unproven treatment, there is still no standard dosage. You may consume 5-12 drops of black cherry extract in water twice and thrice daily. It is better to ask the physician before using it.

Expert tips/ Precautions

  • Black cherry acts as the antioxidant to restrict artery blockage
  • Never consume the black cherry leaves since it comprises the chemical that gets converted into cyanide in the body
  • Black cherry supplement must only be consumed under the guidance of an expert
  • Children and expecting mothers must avoid black cherry