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Beta Glucans

Beta Glucans

Beta-glucans refer to the type of fiber which is found in the cells of micro organisms like algae, bacteria, yeast and fungi. The compound of beta-glucans is also found in certain plants. Beta-glucans is packed with health benefits and the regular usage may help address specific ailments. Then, the fiber content of beta-glucans can allow you to feel fuller.

Benefits of taking beta-glucans

  • Beta-glucans comprised from the yeast can keep a tab over cholesterol levels in the body. Studies reveal that it can lower the LDL or the bad cholesterol
  • Beta-glucans is known for treating certain types of cancer. A combination of beta-glucans such as lentinan and chemotherapy can help the ones suffering from gastric cancer, live longer
  • People suffering from head, neck and cervical cancer can enhance their survival time. It is best for addressing advanced cancer
  • It strengthens the immune system to fight against bacteria and tumors
  • The immune boosting capability can be utilized by those suffering from AIDS
  • Lowers the risk of infection that might be caused by surgery
  • Beta-glucans, by making you feel fuller all the time, allows you to lose weight

Natural sources of beta-glucans:
Beta-glucans naturally exist in certain kinds of mushrooms and grains. Oats and barley are its rich sources. Baker’s yeast also contains beta-glucans.

When should you take beta-glucans?
Beta glucans can be taken via mouth by the person who is suffering from diabetes or high cholesterol levels. People suffering from HIV or AIDS need to use the injectable form of beta-glucans. If you suffer from any kind of skin burn, then also it needs to be used.

When should you avoid beta-glucans?
If you encounter any kind of back pain, chills, and any kind of alterations in blood pressure, dizziness, diarrhea, flushing, fever, rashes, nausea and vomiting, joint pain and the swollen lymph node, then you must not use it. Any lady who is pregnant or is breastfeeding must avoid it completely.

Quantity to be taken
The standard dosage of beta-glucans is still not established. The ingredient of the supplement and quality may vary from one make to another. It is better to seek the advice of the doctor.

Expert tips/Precautions

  • Beta-glucans have the tendency to interfere with other kinds of drugs. Try and talk to the doctor prior to usage
  • Avoid using beta-glucans if you take anti-inflammatory nonsteroidal drugs and aspirin. It cause serious hazard to the intestines and stomach
  •  Pregnant ladies must avoid its use