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Beta Alanine

Beta Alanine

Beta-alanine, the non-essential amino acid, is produced by the body naturally. It boosts up the production of carnosine. Carnosine is the major compound that plays an important role in enhancing the muscular endurance in between the high intensity exercise. It can even reduce the recovery timing in between the workout sessions.

Benefits of taking Beta-alanine

  • It is marked as the fantastic way to boost up the muscular endurance and the athletic performance
  • It triggers the production of carnosine which in turn permits the muscles to perform for longer spells
  • Beta-alanine prevents muscular fatigue
  • It regulates the acid build up and acid levels in the muscles
  • Beta-alanine boosts up the sports performance
  • It allows the athletes to perform weight lifting, sprinting for longer period of time. It directly increases the time period for which the sports person may perform the higher intensity exercise

Natural sources of beta-alanine
Beta-alanine occurs naturally in meat, fish and poultry. White meat is generally rich in carnosine like the chicken breast.

When should you take beta-alanine?
If you intend to perform high intensity exercises, beta-alanine supplement may be included weeks before the sports event. It is renowned for decreasing fatigue in the body of athletes and increasing the total muscular work done. For those who suffer from lower energy levels can include the beta-alanine supplement.

When should you avoid beta-alanine?
For those who encounter tingling sensation in the skin must avoid beta-alanine. People who are suffering from various medical conditions must not use it. Some of the ailments include heart diseases, erectile dysfunction.

Quantity to be taken
The standard dose of beta-alanine is not established. The dose varies from person to person. Large dosage of beta-alanine must be avoided since it can cause tingling of the skin.

Expert tips/ Precautions

  • The benefits of taking beta-alanine is still not established
  • Boosting up the level of carnosine in the muscles may take weeks
  • Sports persons have benefitted using it
  • If you are using erectile dysfunction medicines or heart ailment medicines, you need to avoid its use
  • Its safety is not yet established. Children and pregnant ladies must avoid using beta-alanine
  • It cannot be used in the biosynthesis of enzymes and major proteins.
  • Before consuming beta-alanine, you need to confirm its purity
  • Its use is regulated by FDA.
  • Speak to the doctor about its exact dosage