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Best Vegan Diet For Weight Gain

Best Vegan Diet For Weight Gain

So, you think you are not able to gain weight with your normal diet. And, you also are not a fan of non-vegetarian diet which is said to increase weight faster otherwise. Then, the following diet plan is meant for you. It will help you gain weight faster and that too through a vegan diet.

Consume more carbs in your diet:Your daily food should be filled with lots of carbs in order to gain weight faster. Potatoes would be the most obvious choice for your carbohydrates intake. Besides that you should also go for white rice. Other foods, which have carbs include bread, milk, corn syrup, dairy products, etc.

Increase your protein consumption:Add protein to your diet which can be found in eggs. You can also consume nuts and beans which will help you give more calories too. Eat all types of beans for the protein. You can add yoghurt to it for increasing the protein without increasing too much fat. Protein rich foods include – fish, chicken, beans, pulses, etc.

Consume snacks on a daily basis:Have nuts, which will have offer you proteins as well as calories. You can add nuts to smoothies with peanut butter etc. Consume it so that you do not increase bad fat in your body which would otherwise be harmful for your heart. Try walnuts, for instance, which contain polysaturated fats such as Omega-3 fatty acids. These fats are good for the eyes and brain. Such snacks include – peanut butter, coated nuts, baked potato chips, veg sandwich, etc.

Consume low and healthy fat each day:Add healthy oils such as olive oil and coconut oil to your meals which will offer you calories but at a controlled rate. Also you can go for avocados which offer nutrition with mono and polysaturated fats. You can also have a little cheese to increase small amount of fat on your body every day. Such foods include –yoghurt, broccoli, tomatoes, etc.

Remember, your diet plan should be about consuming foods that are rich in nutrition with calories. This way you can gain the calories while still having a healthy diet. It would be prudent if you can gain weight in a healthier way than the other way. So, stick to such foods and gain weight as per your needs.