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Are You Also Oblivious From The Benefits of Herbal Supplements

Are You Also Oblivious From The Benefits of Herbal Supplements

From age old times, we all have been entrusting Herbs as a suitable and convenient method of medication. Primitive and ancient civilizations relied on herbs for healing. It has been considered as one of the oldest health care tools and basis of many modern medicines. Herbs, which are also known as Botanicals, are believed to have immense medicinal value. These are made from ground plants and primarily consist of roots, leaves or stems of the plants and other natural ingredients also.

Herbal Remedy for Sleep Disorder

  • Herbal Extracts are the herbs without plant fiber in a concentrated form. Standardized herbal extracts tend to provide all the benefits of the whole herb without plant fiber.
  • Valerian and Chamomileare the two classic herbal antidotes that have been used to fight insomnia.
  • Valerian herbal extract is prepared from the root of the plant and are commonly sold in the form of capsules. Chamomile is sold in the form of tea, extract, and topical ointment and is widely available.

A Fight to Depression

  • Depression which is characterized by sadness, lack of energy etc. and stress are the serious medical conditions faced by the folks nowadays.
  • Studies have shown that the herb may be as effective and compelling in the treatment of mild to moderate depression as modern antidepressant drug therapy with fewer or no side effects.
  • The leaves and flowers of St. John’s Wort(Hypericum perforatum) have been used from centuries for treating depression and mental disorders.

Blood Sugar Regulator

  • Gymnena Sylvestre, Bitter melon and Prickly Pear Cactus are some of the herbs which have shown promising effects in controlling blood sugar level.
  • These herbs aid in effective usage of glucose by the cells and block the absorption of sugar in the intestine.

Immune Health Supplements

  • Various botanicals are used as immune health boosters with minimal side-effects. Olive leaf, Sambucus (Elder Berry) and Astragalus have been found useful in elevating body’s own defense system and fighting auto immune disorders.

Just because of the reason that Herbal products are extracted from natural sources does not mean they are less potent than any other chemical ingredient. However, Herbal supplement and over the counter medication can lead to adverse condition.