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7 Ways To Reduce Appetite

7 Ways To Reduce Appetite

Most of people suffering from the problems of obesity practice the habit of over eating. Food carving and the feeling of hunger pangs make them more food. Thus, they turn obese and suffer from numerous health disorders caused due to the extra calories deposited in the body.

 Ways to reduce appetite

It is very important to know the best ways to reduce the appetite and maintain a perfect body weight.

  • Drink plentiful amount of water-Drinking excess water can fill your stomach fact and reduce the feel of hunger or food cravings. Moreover, water is good for your health and it eliminates all the harmful toxins from the body.
  • Adopt the habit of chewing –The habit of chewing greatly reduce your appetite, as the time taken to chew the foods helps to control the feel of hunger and your stomach feels satisfied.
  • Exercise- Exercising is the best physical activity, which helps to lose your extra calories and attain the perfect body weight. But after your exercising regime, you may feel extremely hungry and could not control your hunger. But it is always advised to eat your meal after at least 2 hours of exercising. You can drink any fluid or water instead. Eating right after exercising may lead to over eating your foods and you may end up adding few more extra calories.
  • Eat a variety of foods- You need to include variety of foods in your diet plan and try out different flavours to control your appetite.
  • Avoid eating snacks- Snacking between meals causes a huge weight gain and you may get addicted to these high calories fast food. It is recommended to avoid such snacks and concentrate more on your main meals.
  • Avoid refined sugar- Consumption of refined sugar can increase your calorie intake and level of blood insulin.
  • Do not skip the breakfast-The habit of skipping morning breakfast may induce more hunger and the person may end up eating more during the lunch. Hence, it is always advised to have a proper breakfast with cereals and then have a moderate amount of lunch.

Following these effective ways, a person can learn to reduce his appetite and maintain a perfect body weight.