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5 Ways To Improve Your Appetite

5 Ways To Improve Your Appetite

If a person is underweight or suffering from severe health problems, he may need to get the proper treatment and get his appetite cured.

Ways to improve your appetite

  • Adopt the habit of eating small and frequent meals- Consumption of small and frequent meals is one of the best ways to get a healthier appetite. Some of the people have smaller appetites and eating larger quantity meals can make them feel uncomfortable and can cause problems of indigestion. For all such people, it is better to eat smaller portion of meals at regular intervals of time. This would help them get adequate nutrition and they will attain healthier appetite.
  • Eating healthy snacks- The habit of eating healthy snacks can help to keep your appetite healthy and full. The person may not be able to get proper nutrition from his main meals. For such reasons, healthy snacks can cover up the shortage of nutrients in the body and your appetite may get habituated to eat nutritious foods. Snacking throughout the day is an effective technique to improve your appetite.
  • Use of herbs and spices in your dishes- Foods having pleasant and flavorful smell can seem to be more appealing and the person may get hunger carvings from the fragrance. Usage of spices and herbs in the cooking is an effective technique to enhance the fragrance and aroma of your dishes and make them tasty. Some of the popular herbs like basil, rosemary, thyme and fennel can increase the flavor of the dishes. Of all the spices, cinnamon is one of the best spices to stimulate your appetite naturally.
  • Exercise- Practicing some light exercises or yoga postures can help to stimulate your appetite and make you feel hungrier. Aged people are often indulged with morning walks or jogging to improve their appetite and get their hunger carvings properly.
  • Drinking liquids- Drinking enough amounts of water or fruit juices can help to improve your appetite and aid in faster digestion. However, excess amount of water can fill your stomach and reduce your appetite.


All these ways can be helpful in improving your appetite naturally. But, if the problem continues, it is advisable to visit a medical consultant and get the prescribed medications.