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Would You Love To Find Out Some Amazing Facts About Exercises

Would You Love To Find Out Some Amazing Facts About Exercises

Check out these facts about Exercises.

  • Exercise makes your brain smarter: physical movement leads to serotonin release in brain that boosts brain activity. That is why people who put in regular hours for workout of any form tend to be more active mentally.

We all know a good workout can life spirits of a person. What is a lesser known fact is that this mood uplifting can last for up to 12 hours. So that means if you manage to squeeze in a 20 minutes workout session in the morning, you can expect to feel happier the entire day

  • You don’t have to go all out to reap the benefits. While most researchers say getting in a 30-60 minute workout for three to five days a week is an ideal situation, for those who can’t manage this time can also enjoy the mood boosters and health benefits. As much as 20 minutes workout session can give you feeling of being happier, stress release and a lighter being.
  • Using aids such as music can help you run longer or get in more workout. However, even watching your favorite TV show while getting some action on the cross trainer or running on the treadmill can help you as it tricks mind into not focusing on hardness of the workout.
  • Find ways to connect your workout with nature or a pleasure activity. Researchers have found that people tend to feel less tired and eat lesser after the workout if accompanied with an activity of pleasure. This means, run in the Local Park or walk with your dog instead of on a treadmill to get more out of your workout.
  • Regular exercise can improve a person’s sex life. Research has indicated that up to 19% divorces are avoided in case both partners run regularly. So if good health alone is not a motivation enough, a happy romantic life will definitely be the boost to get that workout started.
  • Walking is good not for your heart alone but for your life too. Research has found every minute of walk can add one and a half to two minutes to your life.

Hope these facts would impress.