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Why Should You Choose Organic Foods 8 Reasons To Checkout

Why Should You Choose Organic Foods 8 Reasons To Checkout

Even though it is an old saying that we are what we eat, still most of the times we forget about it. In fact, it is quite common for most people to get carried away with the lip smacking food advertisements. Talking about foods, organic foods are not just safe, but also good for your overall well being. Well, here are 8 reasons why you should choose organic food.

Reduces chance of neurological disorder

Organic foods reduce the chance of several organic disorders such as autism. It is believed the herbicides in foods gives rise to neurological disorders.

Better taste

Organic foods are no doubt great in taste. Apart from this, these foods also don’t include harmful pesticides, thereby helping in restore the original flavor of the food.

Helps create good work environment for farmers

Organic foods also help you create a good working environment for the farmers. Foods sprayed with pesticides not just cause damage to your health, but also to the farmer’s health.

Help preserve eco system

Organic foods also help preserve the ecosystem.  This is because it supports farming in harmony with the nature. Crop rotation and soil preservation help yield healthy crops. Even the soil organisms are able to play their role well in this ecosystem.

Reduces pollution

Agricultural chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers poison the water supply as well as destroy the farmland. Interestingly, the certified organic farmlands do not allow the use of any chemicals. Organic foods also reduce soil and water pollution. Since there are no harmful chemicals used, it helps restore the soil and protects it from pollution.

Helps keep children safe

The biggest benefit of organic foods is it keeps your children safe. In fact, choosing organic food is surely one step closer to a sustainable future.

Preserves agricultural diversity

Organic foods also help preserve the agricultural diversity. Simply depending on just one or two foods is one of the common ways for devastation.  For instance, just think of any one variety of food being available in the market, whereas different varieties dominated earlier. Most organic farms grow assorted range of foods using all natural elements.

Avoid the use of hormone and antibiotic drugs in animal products

The hormones and other antibiotic drugs easily pass into the animals and into the human body thereafter. This is extremely harmful for your health. The biggest benefit of using organic animal food is because it doesn’t use any harmful hormone or antibiotic products in the animal food. So, it is extremely suitable for nursing mothers, elders as well as children.

With that being said, these are the several benefits of choosing organic foods over the non organic type. It is good for the health as well as for the environment.