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Which Skin Care Myths Can Lead To Premature Aging

Which Skin Care Myths Can Lead To Premature Aging

Skin is the largest growing organ on our body. So, protecting it would be prudent. People do protect it with the usage of natural and artificial products. But, how good are these products for the skin? Would this help to keep them away from skin problems or would it lead to premature aging and wrinkles? Take a look at these myths that you might be unaware of about your skin:

There is no need for sunscreen during a cloudy day:

This might be a common misconception that sunscreen is applied to be safe from the sun. But, the UV rays can easily penetrate through clouds – hence, reaching the earth. So, applying sunscreens during such weathers is reasonable.

Tanning booths are safer for your skin:

This is another confusion that people like to blindly follow. Even the tanning booth manufacturing companies would state that their booths are free from UVB rays. However, there are still UVA rays present in these machines and these are high in such booths. This leads to higher penetration levels and premature aging or even worse – skin cancer.

Scrubbing helps keep skin clean:

Scrubbing is a vigorous process which removes away the protective layers on your skin. This only makes the skin more vulnerable to bacteria and germs. It does clean your skin, for the worse that is. So, people who scrub frequently should stop doing it.

Popping pimples is a good thing:

No, it’s not. If you try to pop them in order to squeeze out the pus, you are just injecting it inside more than you are releasing it. This might lead to premature scars on your skin and more pimple near the area eventually. So, avoid it and let it dry off naturally.

Anti-aging creams help reduce wrinkles:

Nothing is permanent. These creams might help hydrate the skin for a few hours, but they would not help remove your wrinkles for good.

Keep track of such false opinions and advices given to you by others or by your own perception. A healthy balanced diet would be more helpful in keeping your skin fresh and young.