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Whey Or Casein Protein Which Ones The Best

Whey Or Casein Protein Which Ones The Best

There are different types of proteins you must have heard about. But among these, there are two important and most common proteins. These are the whey proteins and the Casein proteins. In fact, you must have heard about these supplements when you go for supplement shopping.

Facts about Whey protein

Whey protein is one of the common supplements you will find in stores. It is made up of cow milk and includes about 20% of the protein content. Interestingly, it includes all the essential amino acids which are necessary for muscle building. It is also considered as a fast protein source which means it gets digested easily. Since it gets easily digested this is the protein you need to take immediately after your workout sessions.

Facts about Casein protein

This is the most abundant form in cow milk and includes about 80% of the protein contents. All types of the casein protein include essential, non essential as well as branched amino acids. But unlike whey, it contains lesser amount of branched amino acids. This is a slow digestion protein also maintains a steady level after its ingestion. It also produces a steady elevation of the amino acids that lasts for 7 hours.

Whey or Casein protein?

When research was conducted to see which one’s best, the results showed no difference as such.  None of these proteins varied when it came to increasing the body’s energy and your appetite. But they surely differed when it came to fat loss.

The summary

It was assumed that fat loss was more during the morning hours when you ingest whey proteins. So the result:

  • Whey protein is good for morning hours to be used as post workout protein for muscle repairs.
  • Casein protein is highly suitable for night times for easy muscle repairs.

With that being said, you can choose either of these protein supplements depending on your need as also other factors such as age, weight and gender. Above all, both these proteins are highly 

nutritious and help you stay fit and active.  Simply choose a protein that’s of good quality and you will never regret.