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What Are The Best Mood Boosting Foods To Lower Stress

What Are The Best Mood Boosting Foods To Lower Stress

Most people take onto junk foods or highly sugary foods to reduce or kill stress. But there are some of the common mood boosting foods to help you lower stress and uplift your mood.

Dark chocolates

Dark chocolates contain opiates and serotonin which are mood altering chemicals. These are responsible for lifting your food and relieving stress. Also, dark chocolates help you lower bad cholesterol. Resveratrol is an immune system boosting antioxidant that also helps reduce stress, by increasing endorphins.

Vegetables and fruits

Both veggies and fruits are good for uplifting your mood. Avoiding sugary foods and include fresh fruits and vegetables help increase the serotonin level. This helps you have a positive mood and avoid stress. Some of the fruits to take include apples and berries. Interestingly, fruits are also great snacking options to keep your stomach filled and mind satisfied.


Eggs are packed in numerous nutrients from proteins, thiamine, riboflavin, Vitamin D, calcium and more. Eggs are unprocessed, natural foods which mean it doesn’t contain depressing causing ingredients like sugar and chemical additives. Apart from mood boosting minerals, eggs are good comfort foods.

Fish rich in Omega 3 fatty acids

Fishes rich in omega 3 fatty acids are highly popular for preventing heart diseases. Apart from this, fishes help improve mood conditions, bipolar disorders, depression and schizophrenia.  Some fishes like tuna and salmon also help prevent inflammatory process in brain. The omega 3 also combines with DHA to improve the signaling of your brain.


Saffron spice is another food that’s really good for enhancing your mood and for preventing stress.  In fact, it is also highly suitable for preventing depression and Alzheimer.  Some studies have shown that this spice can improve the serotonin levels when you consume it. This gives you an effect that’s similar to antidepressants. In fact, it is also offered as an alternative treatment for depression.

With that being said, these are some of the food you need to take to keep stress at bay. Also, you can combine these amazing foods with some of the yoga practices for an overall healthy lifestyle.