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How Eating Chocolate Can Help Reduce Body Fat

How Eating Chocolate Can Help Reduce Body Fat

Who would have thought that the favorite cocoa delectable, love by young and old, could have such a positive impact on the body? These rich cocoa temptations have been recently studied to have body fat burningproperties. So how can something that is associated with sugar, and other calorie increasing ingredients, be helpful in such a great cause. Let’s find out.

The experiment:

  • It does show results, but most effectively in teenagers. A research in Spain had been conducted where tons of teenage volunteers were tested for this.
  • The volunteers were calibrated for their body weights.
  • After that, groups were divided where one was allowed to eat a higher percentage of chocolate than the other.
  • The ones who ate more, were found to have lower fat in their abdomen region than the ones who ate less chocolate.
  • This was carried out under strict and similar diet routines. The intake of other nutrients were all strictly regulated for both groups.

The reason:

A good reason for this might be due to the presence of flavonoids in chocolates. These are compounds that have been effective on body fat by obstructing the manufacturing of depression hormones such as cortisol in the body. Cortisol has been responsible for the fat storage. So, as chocolate tends to prevent the formation of stress inducing hormones and keeping a person happy, the increase in body fat is nullified. Besides that, chocolates also help to improve the sensitivity of insulin in the body.

The truth:

Despite the research, results and fats, you cannot totally be dependent on such an eatable for reducing body fat. The research might have been carried out, but there were still no proper monitoring for the type of chocolates the kids were given. So, it might have a varying impact on the teens who ate them.

However, you can always try some chocolate for cardiovascular benefits as these are good for your heart. Make sure you eat in a regulated quantity. You can also keep track of your calorie with a daily calorie calculator. Chocolates cannot be taken as a remedy for body fat reduction.