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How Does Eating Slow Help You Cut Calories And Prevent Hunger

How Does Eating Slow Help You Cut Calories And Prevent Hunger

People always look out for new strategies to control lose weight and prevent hunger. But what most people aren’t aware is the fact that eating slow helps cut down calories. That’s not all; it even prevents you from hunger pangs after your meals. Well, there’s also a common saying which states you should chew your water and drink your food. But is it true?

Why should you chew more and eat slow?

There are several studies that show that eating slow is important if you wish you wish to lose weight. For instance, if you chew your food for about 3 to 9 seconds before swallowing, it is likely you will eat less in the next few minutes you will consume less food. In simple words, chewing the food and enjoying the savory will help you eat less as compared to eating your food really fast.  Also, eating slow means that it takes the brain and stomach to realize you are eating for about 20 minutes and to register fullness. So, it is extremely important to eat really slowly if you wish to cut down your calories.

Eating slow can cut down calories

There have been numerous studies that show eating small meals and chewing it longer helps you control your hunger pangs and cuts down calorie intake. Also, chewing more allows you better absorption of the food, but even signals to your body that you have eaten enough. This is something that allows your brain to register a signal that you have eaten enough or show feeling of fullness. Apart from this, there is another believe that keeping your foods longer in the mouth gives rise to orosensory exposure that again results in feeling of fullness. It has been seen that people who eat slowly feel less hungry after 60 minutes of their meals, as compared to those who eat really fast.

With that being said, eating slow is the primary thing for those who wish to cut down calories as well as control their hunger pangs. However, there are no researches that show eating fast results in weight gain.