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Do You Still Believe In Starving Post Workout

Do You Still Believe In Starving Post Workout

A very popular myth is that eating right after workout adds extra calories in your weight loss diet plan and must be avoided. This big misconception among people leads them to starve and give up on exercising soon. The fact is the post workout meal is the right nutrition your body needs to keep up with your workout schedule and also for the fat burning process which again needs some calories to be burned.

Needs of body after workout:

  • Enhance protein synthesis in muscles.
  • Calm the muscle soreness and fatigue.
  • Fast recovery from stress.
  • Replenish glycogen level that has depleted during your workout.
  • Recover the muscle protein breakdown caused by exercise.

Essential post workout ingredients in your food:

  • A Protein and carbohydrate rich source is what your body needs within 30 minutes after workout.
  • Suggested amounts are:

Protein = 0.55gm per kg of body weight

Carbs  = 0.55-1.1gm per kg of body weight

Stuff to be kept ready post workout for replenishing meal:

If you opt for a liquid meal containing the right mix of protein and carbs you can consider these options:

  • A whey protein and dextrose shake (add powder in water as per your body need)
  • Chocolate milk shake- it is the right mix of carbs, protein and fluids your body needs to refill.

If a good chewing experience is what you desire after workout then following are all the foods you must plan on:

  • Eggs, meat and milk are a good source of protein, though calories are what you need to manage in their use.
  • Veggies do not need to lose hope as there are stores of protein available for them also. A few to mention are Green peas, Beans (Black, White, heirloom, pinto), chickpeas, Soybean, Quinoa,
  • Edamame, spinach and Broccoli.

You need to be a little creative to prepare handful servings with these rich in protein less in calorie diets to shed weight smartly without starving. Always remember this diet is a PART of your daily calorie intake which goes according to your plan to stay healthy and fit.