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Could Sunbathing Early In The Morning Be Helpful In Reducing Weight

Could Sunbathing Early In The Morning Be Helpful In Reducing Weight

When it comes to losing weight, people tend to follow the most ridiculous sounding tips if they are worth trying out. Among these, sunbathing early in the morning has also been considered as helpful for reducing weight. The study has explained that the duration and intensity of morning light can have an impact on the weigh to one’s body.

Early morning light experiment:

The body mass index or BMI had been monitored to be lower in people who had daily exposure to the morning light. For getting such results an experiment was performed with volunteers: both men and women. They were given monitored foods in their diet and were also provided with an actigraph on their wrists. To check for their sleep patterns.

The light intensity and other properties were also calibrated for all the four seasons. Also, the impact of light on the actigraph was tracked regularly. The experiment was carried out for seven days and the average readings were calculated for each volunteer.

The results:

It was found that the volunteers who were exposed to at least 500 lux of light were having lower BMI levels. 500 lux and above is the usual intensity experienced in the morning light outside. The ones who stayed inside experienced around 150 lux which didn’t show any significant drop in their BMIs. Also the ones who were exposed to early light than others were having lower BMI. Moreover, it was also found that the morning light exposure worked independently. It had little effect on it due to the diet and physical activity of a person. A significant 20% of the BMI in the body was recorded to be due to the morning light exposure.

It was not exactly clear that why such a conclusion was there, but it did have its results. Some experts say that it might be due to its impact on the metabolism of the body. The facts might be still unclear as it did not have any impact on the diet menu. But, it did help in reducing the weight. So, you can try adding it in your daily schedule to experience reduction in weight if you like.