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Can Oversleeping Increase Your Body Weight

Can Oversleeping Increase Your Body Weight

People are aware of the fact that a proper night sleep can keep your mind and body active and supplies body optimum amount of energy to perform daily activities. Lack of sleep or amnesia can cause several health disorders and the person may suffer from mental fatigue.

Effects of oversleeping on human health

Oversleeping is a major sleep disorder, which has several harmful effects on the human body.

  • Excessive sleeping can help to increase the body weight of the person and he may not be able to lose the extra calories. According to the research made by National Sleep Foundation, an adult should get a sleep of 7-9 hours per day. But if these hours are increased and the person sleeps for above 10 hours a day, his body would start becoming inactive and he may not indulge in his day to day activities.
  • Excessive sleeping may hamper his physical as well as mental health. Physically, body muscles will become inflexible and the body will become stiff and heavier. As a result, the harmful fats may get deposited on the various parts of the body like arms, thighs, belly and chest. This would make the person suffer from the issues of obesity and he may have difficulty to move from one place to other. Due to such abnormal weight gain, his bone joints would become stiff and quite immovable. He may not be able to bend down and twist his joints. With the joints becoming rigid, the person may also start suffering from intense joint pain or arthritis.
  • Sleep always plays a very important role to manage your complete body weight. The weight management can be properly done, by practicing good sleeping habits. Sufficient sleep helps to increase body, metabolic rates and the fat burning mechanism would work properly. On the contrary, excessive sleeping can make the metabolic processes slow and sluggish and they do not work properly to burn down your excess pounds.
  • The quality and quantity of sleep help a person to stay away from various harmful diseases. Various researches have proved that the quantity of sleep has a direct impact on the weight gain processes.

Because of all such harmful effects of oversleeping, one should try to maintain optimum sleep time and maintain a perfect body weight.