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Can Dieting Make One Miserable Too

Can Dieting Make One Miserable Too

Dieting has been one of the oldest techniques to have a well-groomed physical structure. However, not all are capable of following a perfect dieting routine that would help them stay healthy and functional. Some might even create a more miserable outcome due to such a schedule. Take a look at the harmful effects of bad dieting:

Loss of energy:

Many people think dieting is about skipping meals. This misconception leads to reduction in the required energy for the body to be active. Diet followers should never skip meals – especially, breakfasts.

Increase in weight:

This usually happen when the person is not able to commit to the dietary food intake. Food items that are not part of the diet are consumed in such situations – hence, leading to increase in weight.


Improper eating and physical activity would also create chances of frequent sickness. The individual might also face gastric problems.


A bad or improper dieting schedule can also cause depression in the person. This is when he/she is not willing to compromise with the new changes and routine. It eventually leads to depression and anxiety. Another reason for such a situation is when the desired results are not seen. In such situations, the person should calm down and try to rectify the mistakes in his/her schedule.


There are times when diet-followers are too reckless during their schedules. They just want to have results as soon as possible. This also many a times lead to quitting the dieting routine. It is to be noted that, dieting requires patience, even for minute changes efforts have to be applied for which one has to stay committed.


Many would just quit out of boredom. Perhaps, they never were excited to achieve health goals or they were not doing it right in the first place which led to such an emotional state.

Dieting is not a cup of tea. It requires patience, dedication, and commitment etc. in order to achieve maximum health advantages. Using fitness equipment with your dieting schedule can be a great help too. This further adds up interest in working out more efficiently for acquiring results.