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Can Brown Bread Be Substituted With Roti

Can Brown Bread Be Substituted With Roti

There have been a lot of contradictions on the choice of food that people eat in the East and the West. Most edibles cooked in both regions are quite different in ingredients, composition and the cooking methods too. Yet, there are situations where the two types of diets come into clash. One such case is between brown bread and roti.

What are the two composed of?

Roti is your typical India-based tortilla that offers a whole grain bread for consumption. It is consumed by a majority of people in the Easter countries. It can be prepared with various types of flours too. A simple cooked roti appears in circular shape with little to no additives.

On the other hand brown bread is processed through fermentation of whole grain flour too. It is usually made using molasses but in many countries it is made using yeast also. Many a time it is compared to roti prepared here in the Eastern countries. It is usually square shape.

The substitution conviction:

If the composition is considered, then both have whole grains to offer to the consumers. Then, can’t brown bread be used in place of roti?

For some, it might not be much of an issue, but when it comes to traditional meals from different cultures, the use of bread is based upon how conveniently it can be consumed with the other edibles present in the meal. For instance, if you are looking forward to make a sandwich with a roti then that is not so reasonable. Roti is thinner and is more like a salami which can be rolled into a wrap but not considered as a base for a sandwich. In the same way, brown bread would be a little odd to have with curry which is usually served in Eastern countries.

So, the case is more about convenience and not the composition. Both are whole grain meals which provide health benefits. Their balanced nutrition is capable of giving the desired benefits for maintain health and fitness, but the two cannot be substituted with each other with every meal.