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Are You Doing Your Workouts Properly

Are You Doing Your Workouts Properly

Getting the most out of a workout is easier than most people would believe. However, a lot of people also tend to believe things about working out that are in fact absolute myths. Here is a list of five top myths about workout that we had been believing to be true:

Cardio is the fat burner: We have grown up hearing how cardio is one of the best and fastest ways for calorie burning. That is not true. If calorie burning is your intention then switch to weight training as it better than cardio when it comes to burning off calories. Just remember to keep the weights large and number of reps low to get the maximum calorie burning.

If you are not sweating, you are not working out: Yes, sweat can be considered one of the clearest indicators of a good workout but it is not the only one. Sweat is body’s way of expelling heat to regulate body temperature. And while workouts such as cardio will lead to sweating, milder forms of workout can burn just as much calories without the similar sweat expulsion.

  • Sit ups and crunches best for abs: One of the biggest myths with abs toning can now be dispelled. If flat abs is your aim, push-ups and planks are the way to go that work your entire core giving you better results, faster.
  • The more it hurts, the better it is: More are the cramps after a workout, the better are going to be results. Right? Wrong. While muscle fatigue can be result of a workout, too much pain means you might have hurt yourself somewhere. It is time to stop to check your routine and stop the pain.
  • Calorie calculators are accurate: Yes? No. A calorie calculator works on data gathered on average basis and does not give you an idea of the actual calorie burning.

So, next time you are sweating it out on treadmill, do not go by the indicator to get an idea of your workout efficiency.