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Sangarm Chougule

Sangarm Chougule

Sangarm Chougule Diet Plan

Sangram Choughule is a 32 year old, electrical engineer by profession and a father of a 5 year old. He hails from a small village in Kolhapur, Maharashtra.

Sangram Chougule’s Diet

As a part of his daily diet, Sangram ensures an optimum intake of protein with less carbs and less fat.

1 kilogram of grilled fish
Half chicken
Boiled Vegetables (since for his  fitness, he was advised to consume less salt, sugar and oil)

He begins his day with a cardio routine post which he consumes a combat protein drink with multivitamins and carbs. After 2 hours he takes oats and egg whites.Before Sangram begins his workout, he takes a pre-workout drink and focuses on training 2 muscles in a day. As he finishes his workout he takes his protein shake and post workout drink. After 2 hours he eats chicken with brown rice and some salad.As a part of his mid-day meal, he takes protein shake and fruit with vitamins. In the evening, he eats grilled fish and brown rice with some salad. Dinner again consists of grilled fish and salad.Two hours after dinner, he drinks Whey Protein Isolate and casein after a gap of 20 mins. His last meal is a sleep recovery drink.