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About Us


We Heartily Welcome you to our world of Fitness Dada!

Fitnessdada is not just a health portal but it's your personal health guide where you can access information's, resources and guidance on all your health issues ranging from nutrition, exercise or health advice. We are here with a common goal in mind of providing every individual the health benefits one deserves. Our team and professionals are working hard on our social cause of encouraging health and fitness awareness among the people.

At Fitness dada we are striving hard to give health benefits to every individual irrespective of gender (male or female) and age group (children, youth or elders). Healthy living is the right of every individual in the society and we have something for everyone, as our main idea is Fitness. People have half baked knowledge and many misconceptions regarding health. We aspire to help everyone to accomplish their fitness goal whether it is weight loss, muscle gain, weight training etc but in common a more healthy and appropriate way, The proper guidance of our well trained health professionals and nutritionists help you to fulfill your dream of being healthy and fit.

Apart from this, we also endeavor to provide every kind of support and guidance for the budding sportsman or Fitness Lovers of the society, whether it's financial, moral or anything. As a healthy world is our dream. (You can share a link to the support option)

Founder of Fitnessdada


Mr Tejinder Singh Lamba alias Mr Bobby is the founder of Fitnessdada. He is a well known personality in health and fitness industry in the present scenario. His idea of making the world a healthy place encouraged him to give birth to fitnessdada. Fitness dada is the result of his personal struggles and 25 years of his experience in the fitness industry. He, in his career of Body building and modeling, has come across many challenges due to lack of guidance and support but still he did it.

He himself as a fitness lover understands the problems, which he has undergone in his voyage (journey) and is sharing all those experiences and his Fitness mantras through his dream project Fitnessdada.

My Story

Straight from the heart of Mr. Bobby

I am myself a fitness lover and a health enthusiast have come across many sports person, professionals and fitness lovers like me, quit their passion for fitness either due to lack of guidance or basic aspects. Even in the past, I tried to help them but unfortunately the resources with me were limited at that time so it could not be made possible to reach everyone. But now with my untiring efforts of introducing fitness dada to the masses, I am sure we can help each and everyone in producing the best out of their best and encourage raw talent and the passion of fitness lovers to a next higher level even beyond our reach.

I want people to be benefitted from my ideas and experiences. My vision is to create inspiring health enthusiasts, who can inspire and produce more like us. I have also made an effort by introducing a new fund raising movement by fitnessdada to be devoted in preparing and grooming the budding and less privileged sportsperson. My idea is not just to support financially to the under privileged ones who have potential but are being overlooked, rather to offer them assured guidance and attention. I would love to create and polish health enthusiasts.

Our Team- The Pillars of FitnessDada


Along side Mr. Bobby there are many other hands who have and are constantly giving their splendid contribution in turning the dream of Fitnessdada comes into reality. It is a collective non tiring efforts of the team which has made it possible to reach and touch more lives.

  • Chief Managing Director

    Mr. Tejinder Singh view

  • President

    Mr. Kishore Kaushal is the Star Head of Marketing and his contribution in the development of Fitnessdada is foreseeable, He has an experience of more than 25 years in his field.

  • Vice President

    Harjap Singh (UK), Expertise in Marketing and Out-sourcing

  • Vice President

    Dalbagh Singh (Italy), Expertise in Marketing and Out-sourcing

  • Vice President (Legal)

    Advocate Pawan Bharadwaj is working as a Legal advisor for Fitness dada. We are benefiting not only from his advisory skills but his vast experience in the legal industry is an add-on feature like cherry on the cake.

  • Marketing Head

    Gurpreet Singh (United Kingdom), Expertise in Marketing and Out-sourcing

  • Marketing Head

    Saroop Singh (Punjab), Expertise in Marketing and Out-sourcing

  • Star Trainer

    Our Star Trainer: Sh. Jeetu Dhaliwal (CANADA) is an ISSA Certified Trainer from USA and he is providing his outstanding skills and services to Fitnessdada.

  • Fitness Station Expert

    Mr. Anmol Singh is our Star Fitness Station Expert. He had earned the title of Mr. India in 2013-2014 contest and was the 4th runner up contestant of Mr. World 2014. We are privileged to have him.

  • Expert Professional Dietician

    Mrs. Madhu Jaitly is our expert professional dietician. Mrs. Jaitly is in charge of altering people's diet and escorting them towards an enhanced lifestyle, her efforts certainly help the individuals to obtain the best out of their Fitness regime.

Center Of Fitness

Fitness Dada is your center/warehouse or hub of fitness consciousness

Fitness dada is a platform specially designed and built keeping in mind the enthusiasm of health fanatics towards having a fit mind, body and soul with healthy lifestyle. Here we encourage, guide and help people to chose an attainable target. The Gym facility provided by us is spread across 7000 square feet where the fitness devotees and trainees can access various facilities, equipments and training under the supervision of an experienced staff. Activities like aerobics, cardio, strength training and yoga etc. can also be carried out under the same roof. Here at fitness dada our aim is to offer best possible resources to the segment of society that really want to be and stay healthy. After all Stay Fit and Be Hit (Fit Raho, Hit Raho) is our mantra.

To make this possible, we carefully design the fitness plans for every individual. Moreover the public can benefit from the assistance delivered by our carefully selected prolific instructors. Every trainer is an expert in his or her area of fitness whether it is strength training, weight loss, aerobics or yoga. Furthermore some of these skilled mentors have exposure of working with well know celebrities and professionals. In addition to it , we have invested open heartedly on the quality equipments and facilities, ensuring that the users or the fitness freaks are bestowed with all feasible resources and they can make best possible use of it. The elite and exclusive training programs on diet, supplements and nutrition facilitate the fitness lovers in hitting the bull's eye.(achieving their goal of fitness).

People have many misconceptions regarding health and fitness facts, but here at Fitness dada. Our key aim is to help them understand the importance of having a healthy body, body and soul rather just trimming down on fat or gaining muscles. Our team is sharing their knowledge and experience with them because Fitnessdada believe in "Sharing is Caring".

Our Mission and Vision: Fit Raho, Hit Raho..! (Be Fit, Stay Hit..!)

Our Mission

Fitnessdada is not Just an Overall Fitness Portal but a reflection in itself of our thought process of a Healthy and Fitness conscious world. Undoubtedly with the fast changing lifestyle, the world is facing intricate (complex) health changes by giving place to many chronic diseases from obesity to cancer, High blood pressure to Arthritis and many more to be blamed.

Our common goal at Fitnessdada is to spread awareness about the importance of healthy and fit body, mind and soul. In fact a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. We are following an approach to awake the society by encouraging them to adapt effective physical and well being activities complementing it with proper nutrition with the help of hub of information's available on our website which is carefully presented keeping the overall health in mind, It can be benefitted by every individual of the society. We also promote an environment that persuade everyone in making healthy living choices.

Our Vital Focus

Fitnessdada believes in Prevention is better than cure. Hence
• Living and Loving a Healthy Life
• Working on the common health hazards (Unhealthy Diet, Physical Inactivity and Sedentary Behavior)
• Prevention from common diseases which can become fatal diseases (Obesity, Arthritis, High blood pressure etc.)

Our Vision

Fitnessdada's dream project is turning the world into a health, fitness and wellness consciousness and provide a better place and environment to live. We want to cut down on the health hazards by promoting health awareness and supporting the cause together. Our vision is to make Be Fit, Stay Hit (Fit Raho, Hit Raho) as a main goal of every individual by supporting the people with the best possible resources we have in order to turn our Dream into Reality of a hale and hearty world.

We are and we will create a healthy planet.

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